Diablo 3 Modded Items FAQ

In the world of Diablo 3 there are legit items that come in different tiers that drop from the world then there are modded items that are made to be overpowered. Our Mods are custom rolled by us and we crafted these items to be exceptional.

To the left below is a legit primal Yang's Recurve. The peak DPS for a legitimate Yang's Recurve is approximately 3.6k with mostly damage stats, but in the realm of Diablo 3 mods, this number can soar even higher.

To the right below is a modified version of Diablo 3's Yang's Recurve with significantly increased damage. This is achieved by stacking impossible combinations of stats such as damage and ethereal stats, and most notably, it features a tier upgrade. Diablo 3 mods comes with all different kinds of combinations, these changes would help your character get a better performance.

If you need different types mods in your gear, it is possible we do custom items as well but as long as it doesn't go beyond the boundaries of modding such as stacking 3 gem of ease.

Diablo 3 Mods for Yangs Recurve    Diablo 3 Mods for a Modded Yangs Recurve