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Difference between Visual DPS and Actual DPS Weapons

actual dps visual dps weapons

Diablo 3 ROS: Modded Weapons Types

So you have noticed I have divided the weapons in to two separate categories actual dps and visual dps weapons which are the most commonly types of modded stats within a weapon.

The difference is exactly like what I call them.

Actual dps will give your character higher DPS boosts because there is no stats on it that are unused such as IAS but the drawback is they usually have lower visual DPS on the weapon itself than a visual dps weapon.

Highest actual dps weapon is 561k and does 561k damage.

Visual dps gives your weapon a higher visual dps due to the fact that it has IAS on it but this stat is not used when the base of the weapon is modded with a 5ap weapon which is already the capped speed. In other words these weapons are mainly used to show off your weapon has high numbers.

Highest visual dps weapon is 691k and does 490k damage

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