Diablo 3 Seasonal Modding and Leveling Services

Diablo 3 Seasonal Modding and Leveling Services:

Seasonal modded items, modded sets, and seasonal leveling services are found here.
Below is a list of seasonal services for Diablo 3 on consoles PS4, PS5, and Switch. These services require no injection for delivery. Instead we would likely meet you in game to carry out the service.  If you would like mods and modded items or sets instead then please check out this link.

Mods and Modded Item Deliveries

Seasonal Carry Services:

  •  Echoing Nightmare Dream Rift Carries: No need to have mods on your character because we'll escort you into a Dream Rift and guide you all the way to Tier 125.
  • Seasonal 150 Rift Carries: Maybe you're a Legit Diablo 3 player and you are not in to owning mods or modded items but want to complete Rift 150s then this might be for you. We will accompany you into Greater Rift 150, we'll ensure you reach the end, facilitating the acquisition of legitimate drops and the advancement of your Legendary Gems.

 Seasonal Leveling Services

  • Seasonal Power Leveling Starter Package: A very fast starter package for people who want to start in seasonal play without the leveling or grinding. We will level your character to 70 then we will get you to Paragon level 600+. We will carry you with our modded character. This is a very fast service and we don't waste time getting you to your levels.