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Delivery Disclaimer


DISCLAIMER: To reduce the possibility of these edited save diablo 3 mods affecting online game play and disrupting others experience, we recommend playing offline (LAN). This store sells service only; the service for time to customize your save files much like Game Genie or Game Shark would only I do them manually and also to take the time to meet/deliver the free items to you. The ps4 diablo 3 mods and xbox one mods in this delivery store has no price, they're all free just like how people drop free stuff to you in game lobbies; but the service to deliver them to you is not free and takes time which can be compensated with your generous donations. All names, such as Items, other virtual goods from Diablo 3 are the intellectual property of Blizzard Entertainment and not included in our services. We make no claim to the virtual ownership of traded goods. We offer solely on the time required to fulfill the request and distribution of just services.

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