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Diablo 3 Season Injection Frequently ASKED Questions

Diablo 3 Season Injection Frequently ASKED Questions

You need to buy both the item(s) + the injection for seasonal delivery to Diablo 3.

1. Add Injection to Cart: Link
2. Add your Items to Cart: Link


What is a D3 injection?

D3 injection is a service that involves logging into your account and performing a data work to force inject your items to seasonal. This service is separate from the value of the items, which you need to add to your cart for any seasonal delivery.


Why is injection only good for 1 session?

It's because for someone to even add 1 single item to seasonal the data would need to go through various steps and that can take 35 minutes - 2 hours of workload.


Let's pretend injection was a buy once thing and you can buy multiple items for the entire season.

Bob buys an injection + 1 item, and his injection completes.
The next day Bob decides to buy a 5.00 item for seasonal every hour.

This is the worst case scenario for us because every time bob decides to buy a 5.00 item for seasonal we would have to spend an hour injecting this item to his seasonal data.

So if Bob was to buy 5.00 items 6 times per day, it would literally take us 6-7 hours of labor to satisfy bob's 30.00 order.
If bob and others was to do this, we would never have time to fulfill anyone orders.

To prevent this kind of nightmare scenario, injections are only good for 1 session and we encourage people to get all the items they need for the season with 1 injection to avoid unneeded second injections or extra workloads.


Does the injection price ever change?

Yes of course, during the first month of the season the injection price will peak and then the price eventually comes down as the season cycle progresses. If you want the injection cheaper you can wait a few months in to the season.


Do I need a D3 injection for delivering to seasonal?

Yes, any seasonal mod, item, or service requires 1x injection.


Do I need to get multiple Diablo 3 injections for every seasonal item I want?

No, injection is good for injecting multiple items in 1 session. If you need more items after your injection is completed, then you would need to get the injection again.


Do seasonal items roll over to the next season when it starts?

No, your current seasonal items will turn into non-seasonal at the end of the season cycle.


What's required for a seasonal injection of mods and items?

You will need a PS+ or Nintendo Switch Online subscription, and you will also need to provide your exact account login details for the account that needs the injection to seasonal.


Do you need to log in to my account to inject the items or services?

Yes, logging in to your account is the only way to deliver seasonal items. We require login access to the account that needs seasonal items and mods.


How fast is the injection process?

The injection process takes 1 hour to complete for PS4/5 and 1-2 hours for Nintendo Switch injection.


What happens after I've ordered the injection + items?

You will receive a pre-injection email that outlines some steps you need to take on your account before we log in. Sometimes this email might go to your spam folder, so be sure to check there too.


How long does the Diablo III season last?

The duration of the season varies, and there is no definite answer. The longest season ran for half a year.


Do legit seasonal items require injection?

Yes, if the item is not from a mob drop and you want it, then injection is the only way to put items onto your seasonal, regardless of the item's type.


If I get the injection once, do I need to get it again if I want more items?

Yes, injection covers the delivery of seasonal items for one session. When this injection session ends and you need more items later, you would need to get another injection to start a new session.


What if I pick a seasonal item but don't include the injection?

The order would likely be delivered to non-seasonal or cancelled. We will contact you to ask you to pick one of these two choices.


What consoles are available for Diablo 3 seasonal injection?

PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.


Do I still need an injection if I want items, sets, and mods for D3 non-seasonal?

No, injection is only necessary for seasonal deliveries and non-seasonal statmods or enhancement unlock to an existing account.


Can you deliver to seasonal without me buying injection?

No, however you could always buy the items for non-seasonal and inject it to seasonal yourself. This would be cheaper than us doing the injection for you.





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