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  • Price Cuts on FULL sets for PS4 SOFTCORE and a bit for XB1 Softcore
  • Added some addon helms for the new v5's for the people who don't like using the RSS which has control lose (Xbox One Variants Comes Later tonight, Ps4 Ones completed)
  • Theres some New Arrivals (2/20/17)
  • IMv5 Speed Strafe Available with 2 Variants to choose from
  • If you would like to customize your own sets with the stats you want check out the new lego blocks of modding
  • Modded flawless gems here.
  • Cosmetic pets and wings will be coming back 1/28/17
  • Prototype of the IMv5 FOH SPEED WW Barb is here
  • Helm Gem Upgrade Service: here
  • New items now listed
  • Delivery will be delayed due to patch. Busy bringing out the new items! be patient
  • WARNING: Cosmetics have been removed from this site because of some changes.
  • 2:41 PM PSN Mailbox is now functional.
  • 10:49 AM PSN Mailbox is DOWN.
    PS4 deliveries will be delayed until PSN D3 Mail is functional again.
  • Xbox One Users are not affected. Deliveries for XB1 is instant.
  • Price Cuts on IMv2 Sets and IMv3 Sets For both Xbox One And Ps4
  • EXP v2 Sets for STR and INT has been completed and will now be listed in stock.
  • EXP v2 Updated STR and INT Sets Added
  • EXP v2 GOLD/Pickup Radius Updated STR and INT Sets Added
  • Diablo 3 Patch has been updated at PTR.
  • Released Swift v2 aka Swarm Demon Hunter Set, Strafe Build with Fear for movement speed boosting. The set is Half SM and Half Unhallow.
  • Added Modded 100% Proc Weapons
  • Selling N3DS XL with full a9hl setup
  • Price Cuts on IMv4's
  • Latest arrivals is now on the menu you can visit it here: Latest Diablo 3 Mods
  • Due to a high volume of custom mods, there will be a new section Previous Custom Orders
  • The Custom Diablo 3 Mods in the link above may not be available for both Xbox One and PS4 at the same time unless the person who ordered it wanted it for both consoles.
  • If you want the same Diablo 3 mods for the 'other' console then you'll have to create a new custom service with me.
  • Our Xbox One and PS4 Diablo 3 Mods Inventory still growing. If you need anything not listed please contact me via live-chat for any custom mods orders.
  • Will be working on various v4 sets
  • Diablo 3 Mods: Fake Legit Thorns Barbarian
  • Fake Legit Demon Hunter
  • Haxv1 Shadow Mantle/Marauder (Complete)
  • Haxv1 Invoker Crusader Full Thorns (Complete)
  • Haxv1 Rolands Crusader (Complete)
  • Fake Legit Monk Set (Complete)
  • IMv4 Classic Earth Barbarian (Complete)
  • IMv4 Titan Type-R Akkhan's (Complete)
  • Haxv1 TalRasha Wizard (Complete)
  • Haxv1 Anachyr Witch Doctor (Complete)

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