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Diablo 2 Resurrected -  1x Rune (Offline Mode) (D2R) (Injection Required)

Diablo 2 Resurrected - 1x Rune (Offline Mode) (D2R) (Injection Required)


This is a service for Diablo 2 Resurrected (Offline Mode) (D2R) modded save, items, and other mods for the Nintendo Switch or the PlayStation 4 version of the game.
Get an edge in the game by unlocking progress or becoming overpowered. Save a lot of time away from grinding and farming. Unlock trophies with completion saves as well.

Pick Your Runes, needs injection:


Common Runes:
El, Eld, Tir, Nef, Eth, Ith, Tal, Ral, Ort, Amn, Shael, and Thul

Semi Rare Runes:
Sol, Dol, Hel, Io, Lum, Ko, Fal, Lem, Pul, Um

Extremely Rare Runes:
Mal, Ist, Gul, Vex, Ohm, Lo, Sur, Ber, Jah, Cham, Zod


Rune Name Weapon Armor Rank, Level
El  +50 To Attack Rating, +1 Light Radius  +15 Defense, +1 To Light Radius  11
Eld  +75% Damage To Undead, +50 Attack Rating Against Undead  15% Slower Stamina Drain/7% Increased Chance of Blocking(Shields)  11
Tir  +2 To Mana After Each Kill  +2 To Mana After Each Kill  13
Nef  Knockback  +30 Defense Vs. Missile  13
Eth  -25% To Target Defense  Regenerate Mana 15%  15
Ith  +9 To Maximum Damage  15% Damage Taken Goes to Mana  15
Tal  +75 Poison Damage Over 5 Seconds  Poison Resist 30%/Poison Resist 35%(Shields)  17
Ral  Adds 5-30 Fire Damage  Fire Resist 30%/Fire Resist 35%(Shields)  19
Ort  Adds 1-50 Lightning Damage  Lightning Resist 30%/Lightning Resist 35%(Shields)  21
Thul  Adds 3-14 Cold Damage - 3 Second Duration  Cold Resist 30%/Cold Resist 35%(Shields)  23
Amn  7% Life Stolen Per Hit  Attacker Takes Damage of 14  25
Sol  +9 To Minimum Damage  Damage Reduced By 7  27
Shael  20% Increased Attack Speed  20% Faster Hit Recovery/20% Faster Block Rate(Shields)  29
Dol  Hit Causes Monster To Flee 25%  Replenish Life +7  31
Hel  Requirements -20%  Requirements -15%  -
Io  +10 To Vitality  +10 To Vitality  35
Lum  +10 To Energy  +10 To Energy  37
Ko  +10 To Dexterity  +10 To Dexterity  39
Fal  +10 To Strength  +10 To Strength  41
Lem  75% Extra Gold From Monsters  50% Extra Gold From Monsters  43
Pul  +75% Damage To Demons, +100 Attack Rating Against Demons  +30% Enhanced Defense  45
Um  25% Chance of Open Wounds  All Resistances +15(Armor/Helms) +22(Shields)  47
Mal  Prevent Monster Heal  Magic Damage Reduced By 7  49
Ist  30% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items  25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items  51
Gul  20% Bonus To Attack Rating  5% To Maximum Poison Resist  53
Vex  7% Mana Stolen Per Hit  5% To Maximum Fire Resist  55
Ohm  +50% Enhanced Damage  5% To Maximum Cold Resist  57
Lo  20% Deadly Strike  5% To Maximum Lightning Resist  59
Sur  Hit Blinds Target  Maximum Mana 5%/+50 To Mana (Shields)  61
Ber  20% Chance of Crushing Blow  Damage Reduced by 8%  63
Jah  Ignore Target's Defense  Increase Maximum Life 5%/+50 Life (Shields)  65
Cham  Freeze Target +3  Cannot Be Frozen  67
Zod  Indestructible  Indestructible  69


- Your account needs Nintendo Online Subscription (or PS+ if this is for PS4)
- You need to have a valid email so we can contact you after ordering

These items are for D2R (OFFLINE) Mode only.
We can not inject in to live multiplayer mode.

Please Choose Items, sets, or mods to be injected using the drop down box.

This product requires injection to be purchased with it.

Link to buy injection: https://akirac.com/collections/latest-save-mods/products/required-for-delivering-to-d2r-offline-data-work-injection-d2r

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