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[Switch Save Progression] - The Legend of Zelda - Tears of The Kingdom Modded Super Starter, 999x Items, Unlocked


This is a service for The Legend of Zelda - Tears of The Kingdom modded save, items, and other mods for the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Get an edge in the game by unlocking progress or becoming overpowered. Save a lot of time away from grinding and farming. Unlock trophies with completion saves as well.

 The Legend of Zelda - Tears of The Kingdom also known as The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild 2

100% Complete Mod Contains:

  • Acquired all Armor Sets, including the regular and lowered versions of the Hylian Hood.
  • Upgraded all Upgradeable Armor to their maximum 4-star level.
  • Successfully completed all 152 Shrines and collected all 152 Lightroots.
  • Gathered all 1000 Korok Seeds across the vast landscape.
  • Discovered and obtained treasures from all 31 Old Maps and their corresponding locations.
  • Located and utilized all 12 Schema Stones in your journey.
  • Collected all 34 Yiga Schematics throughout the game.
  • Found all 20 Sage's Wills and fully upgraded all 5 companions.
  • Unlocked all 40 Paraglider Fabrics, including those from DLCs.
  • Unlocked all 6 Bridles and Saddles for your loyal steeds.
  • Collected all 147 Bubbulgems for various purposes.
  • Completed all 81 Hudson Signs as part of your achievements.
  • Emerged victorious in all 5 Dungeons and conquered their challenges.
  • Earned the prestigious Boss Medals for defeating Hinox, Gleeok, Talus, Molduga, Frox, and Flux Constructs.
  • Compiled a comprehensive collection of Photos for the Hyrule Compendium.
  • Successfully undertook and completed all Main Quests, Side Quests, Side Adventures, and Cutscenes.
  • Unlocked all available Food Recipes for culinary excellence.
  • Tamed and boarded all Special Horses, including the likes of the Giant Horse, Giant White Stallion, Royal White Horse, Epona, Golden Horse, and even the playful Spot.
  • Explored the entire map, revealing all locations, landmarks, and features, including the Sky, Depths, and Hyrule regions, Villages/Towns, Stables, Caves, Chasms, Dragon's Tears, Depth's Mines, Zonai Forges, Zonai Dispensers, and Wells. This progress is reflected by the percentage displayed on the map.
  • Proudly displayed a collection of Special Weapons at Link's house, showcasing the Dusk Bow, Hylian Shield, Sea Breeze Shield, Sea Breeze Boomerang, Sword of the Hero, White Sword of the Sky, Biggoron's Sword, Dusk Claymore, Fierce Deity's Sword, Boulder Breaker, Great Eagle Bow, Lightscale Trident, Scimitar of the Seven, and the Daybreaker Shield.
  • Embraced the creative side with two favorite Autobuild setups: the perfectly centered Two-Fan Aerial Bike and the Three-Fan Aerial Bike.

Super Starter Mod Contains:

Maximum money, 40 hearts, maximum stamina and battery, Master Sword, Ganondorf Bow, Twilight Bow, Hylian Shield, all 93 armor at star level 4 maximum, all 248 materials at 999 quantity, all 60 recipes cooked, all 27 Sheikah Slate upgrades at 999 uses, all 11 horse saddles, all 37 armor dyes, and all collection items at 999 quantity.


This is a save progression which will overwrite your own save progression of the game. Only buy this if you're willing to give up your own saves to have a superior save of the game.

We will mod your The Legend of Zelda - Tears of The Kingdom. It is 100% safe and you do not need to modify your switch.

We are adding cheats and mods to your The Legend of Zelda - Tears of The Kingdom current save progress, which will overwrite your normal save and start the game fresh as a super starter with many things unlocked.

Saves are verified working and of quality. There is no monetary charge for the save itself.
The price is for the injection service work for getting this data on to your account and console. The injection process is 100% safe and the saves can go online however go online at your own risk as there is always a small chance of action taken against cheating. You are not buying the game. You are buying a save progression service for this game. You must already own this game.

Super Starters:
This option usually starts you at the beginning of the game but with max items, max currency, max skills or max stats, etc..

This option usually means the save has progressed through 100% of the game, everything has been unlocked and completed. In most cases it also has max or very high amount of items, max skills, max stats etc...

if you see two different options of complete or super starters it's because there are different variants of the same thing by different authors but usually the difference is minimal.

- Your account needs Nintendo Online Subscription (or PS+ if this is for PS4)
- You need to have a valid email so we can contact you after ordering

The injection process is 100% safe however we can only recommend this for offline play. Some games after servicing can bring their progress online but we don't recommend it. Keep in mind that there is always a chance of a ban action when you do play online with overpowered items (except for diablo 3 which they will never ban you for online play with mods) and games other than diablo 3 we can not vouch that online play with modded items is risk free. Whether you decide to play online with your progress is up to you and at your own risk.
This service is not available for people who are living in Japan.

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