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(PS4/5) BorderLands 2 Level Boosting Service 1 to 80 or OP0 to OP10

Borderlands 2 is extremely painful to level on your own we can help you reach 1 to 80 Fast with our leveling, boosting service for (NA/US, EU, ASIA).

If you're already 80 and need to Unlock OP0 to OP10 then select OP unlocking service below instead.

Please pick from the menu on which service you would like.

OP0-OP10 Takes 1-2 hours of grind. Please make sure you have completed the game on normal difficulty and have the option True vault hunter mode available before buying this OP unlock service.

1-80 Service takes 3-4 hours of grind (You can AFK the entire time we will do all the work).

Playstation 4/5 Only.

Must have PS Plus  Subscription in order for us to join you and grind your levels. 

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