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Paragon Stat Placement for Immortality Sets

immortality paragon stat placement

Diablo 3 ROS: Immortality Set Paragon Point Placement

When I made the immortality sets I wanted to max most things in the paragon stats tab so you can pump the majority of the points in to your main stats.

Most photos of sets are taken during gameplay and not during idle but here is how to maximize my sets so you get higher dps outputs.

These stats are already maxed with the set and you should never put points in to these while wearing my Immortality sets:
Critical Hit Damage
Attack Speed
Critical Chance

Other Stats you should never max because they're worthless with the set:
Gold Find
Life %
Resists All
Life on Hit

Points that wouldn't hurt:
Resource Reduction
Area Damage
Cool-down Reduction
Mana, Fury, Spirit, Arcane, Wrath, Discipline

Points you should be dumping all your points in to:
Main Stat
Movement Speed

Immortality v1 is the only version that has 14x passives enabled in to it's set. This idea was later taken out due to the fact that most passives are considered useless. 

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