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Required for Delivering to Seasons & Solo Self Found Mode - Data Work "Injection" (D3)




  • Injection Service for Seasons or Solo Self Found characters is a way to get modded items, and sets and other things in to your seasonal character or Solo Self Found Mode (SSF) for Diablo 3.This method takes extra time we will work within your account to obtain your items in seasonal mode. It usually takes 1 hour to 2 hours to manually complete this workload. It is 100% safe and effective.

About Delivery Method:

  • For PS4/5 you can choose for us to login to the account and do everything for you but you need to have ps+ active on the account or you can choose you will upload the game data to us and we will send it back after we service it with the new changes.
  • For Nintendo Switch, the only option to inject is for us to login to your account, sending data is not available.
  • To prevent any delays in the delivery process, we recommend selecting "Login to My Accnt" for the delivery method if you're unfamiliar with prepping the game data for upload. This is because we are unable to proceed with your injection service until we have received all the necessary and accurate data from you.
  • The "I'll send my files" delivery  option is for people who do not have PS+ or absolutely do not want us on their account to service it, however you are expected to know how to prep and compress the correct data to send to us for servicing.

About seasonal Free perks option:

  • It's a free perk, select one or none.

About seasonal POWER perks option:

  • We will inject the over powered season 27 stats in to your season 29 items as long as you purchase items with the injection.

  • If you do not buy items with the injection and this POWER  Perk option is selected then we will give you a legendary gem that contains these seasonal stats for one class or a random class.
This is required for items to be injected in to your seasonal characters.

You must purchase this service along with the items for seasonal.
List of seasonal items for purchase: 

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