Prime Vyrs Wizard - High DPS #B5 – Akirac Diablo 3 Mods - Fast Delivery
The only thing of value here is the labor for prepping each delivery.
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Prime Vyrs Wizard - High DPS #B5-Diablo 3 Mods - Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Prime Vyrs Wizard - High DPS #B5

Diablo 3 Mods & Modded Items for Xbox One, PS4 (Playstation), N Switch with near instant delivery. Reaper of Souls Mods for all classes including Monk, Wizard, Necromancer, Barbarian, Crusader, Witch Doctor, Demon Hunter.
These items hold no monetary value; our service finds/locates the items you're looking for and we work with you on how you want to obtain them.

Prime Sets have very high DPS and medium Cooldown reduction and Resource Management. They're not performance sets like the IM Titan Type-R's but these are made by popular demand.

CDR is floating around 50-65% depending on set.

Your dps may vary depending on your paragon level and stat placement.
Your dps may vary depending skill setup and buffs as well.

Single pieces may show down arrows, you need to put on the entire set to gain high dps.

This is an ARCHON MODE Wizard, This set has hardly any Resource Reduction and this is because staying in Archon Mode uses no RESOURCES. So basically this set is made for 100% uptime in archon mode.

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