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PS4 Resigning Service (Make any save file work with your user profile)

PS4 Resigning Service (Make any save file work with your user profile)

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Buy Resigning Service fast and Easy for PS4

This service is to convert a PlayStation 4 game save which was meant for another PSN user profile to be compatible with your PSN user profile. This service is to resign one save that you already have to be able to work with yours.

You are responsible for providing us the games save progression. You need to know how to .zip the files and email them to us for us to start the work on resigning.

We need 2 files from you for this service to work.

1. The Save progression files you want to resign to make it work with your psn account.
You can find these online floating around somewhere or from a friend. We do not provide these files.

2. Save progression files from your current psn account (can be a save progression from any game)

Why this is a thing? Why would I need to resign another save file?

Scenario 1 (Using someone else's game progress as your own):
You found some modded saves with max progression on the internet for a game and you want to use this save with max progression on your own PS user profile. You can't without resigning the save file data to work with your profile.

Scenario 2 (Your friend has 100% completion for a game and you want this achievement):
Lets say your friend played a game all day and night to reach the 100% completion progress and now he is willing to give you his save for you to use on your console. In order for this save to work on your console you will need to have that save you got from him resigned.

Scenario 3 (Cloning Progress to another one of your PS profiles):
You have multiple PS user profiles and you want a copy of the exact same progress for that game on to your second PS user profile. You can't without resigning the save file data to work with your profile.

We can guarantee that the resign of the save would work on your account after service is completed. Since you are the one to provide the save file you want to resign, with that said we can't guarantee the satisfactory of the contents of the save file you resigned as it is not from us.


  1. The PS4 Data you want to Resign
  2. A Computer with USB ports running Windows or Mac OS
  3. USB drive with at least 8 GB free
  4. Unzipping Software (Free one like 7-Zip)
After ordering we will ask you to upload the PS4 save file you want to resign to an online storage for us to download, you will also need to upload your original save file or know your account id # so we can resign the save.

This service is NOT available to users in Japan. 

We can only support this service for offline play. Some games after servicing can bring their progress online but we don't recommend it. Keep in mind that there is always a chance of a ban action when you do play online with over powered items. Whether you decide to play online with your progress is up to you and at your own risk.

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