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[US] [PS4 Save Progression] - Cyberpunk 2077 - Max Ammo, Modded Stats Save

[US] [PS4 Save Progression] - Cyberpunk 2077 - Max Ammo, Modded Stats Save

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This is a service for Cyberpunk 2077 modded save, items, and other mods for the PS4 (PLAYSTATION 4) version of the game. Get an edge in the game by unlocking progress or becoming overpowered. Save a lot of time away from grinding and farming. Unlock trophies with completion saves as well.

Saves are verified working and of quality. There is no monetary charge for the save itself.
The price is for the injection service work for getting this data on to your account and console. You are not buying the game. You are buying a save progression service for this game. You must already own this game. PS4 games and Saves can be transferred over to the PS5 so it doesn't matter if you have a PS4 or PS5 console.
Cheats in this Super Starter Save:

Max Ammo
Level 150
Street Cred Level 99
1 Hit Kill
Modded Stats (Armor, Crit Damage, Crit Chance, Stamina, Oxygen, RAM, Carry Capacity etc.)
999 Perk Points
Max Skill Progression & All Rewards
Max Weapon Upgrades
Iconic/Legendary Weapons in Inventory & Stash
All Craftable Blueprints
Maxed Cyberware
Outfits for your Wardrobe & Clothing
Level 20 Body
Level 20 Reflexes
Level 20 Technical Ability
Level 20 Intelligence
Level 20 Cool
99 Athletics
Level 99 Annihilation
Level 99 Street Brawler
Level 99 Handguns
Level 99 Blades
Level 99 Assault
Level 99 Crafting
Level 99 Engineering
Level 99 Breach Protocol
Level 99 Quick Hacking
Level 99 Stealth
Level 99 Cold Blood

Or Super Starter

Character Stats at Level 150:

  • Street Cred: 99
  • Eurodollars: $99,999,999
  • Common Item Components: 99,999,999
  • Uncommon Item Components: 99,999,999
  • Rare Item Components: 99,999,999
  • Rare Upgrade Components: 99,999,999
  • Epic Item Components: 99,999,999
  • Epic Upgrade Components: 99,999,999
  • Legendary Item Components: 99,999,999
  • Legendary Upgrade Components: 99,999,999

Quickhack Components:

  • Uncommon Quickhack Components: 99,999,999
  • Rare Quickhack Components: 99,999,999
  • Epic Quickhack Components: 99,999,999
  • Legendary Quickhack Components: 99,999,999


  • Attribute Points: 9999
  • Perk Points: 9999

All Skill Progressions Maxed (at Level 99):

  • Athletics
  • Annihilation
  • Street Brawler
  • Handguns
  • Blades
  • Assault
  • Crafting
  • Engineering
  • Breach Protocol
  • Quickhacking
  • Stealth
  • Cold Blood

     To resolve the Sandevistan mission issue, visit a Ripperdoc and remove the cyberware from the second slot under the Operating System.


This is a save progression which will overwrite your own save progression of the game. Only buy this if you're willing to give up your own saves to have a superior save of the game.

- PS+ if this is for PS4/5
- You need to have a valid email so we can contact you after ordering
- We need to login to your account to inject data

The injection process is 100% safe however we can only recommend this for offline play. Some games after servicing can bring their progress online but we don't recommend it.

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