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[US][EU] [PS4 Save Progression] - Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep - RANK 8577 BADASS

[US][EU] [PS4 Save Progression] - Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep - RANK 8577 BADASS

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This is a service for Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep modded save, items, and other mods for the PS4 (PLAYSTATION 4) version of the game. Get an edge in the game by unlocking progress or becoming overpowered. Save a lot of time away from grinding and farming. Unlock trophies with completion saves as well.

Saves are verified working and of quality. There is no monetary charge for the save itself.
The price is for the injection service work for getting this data on to your account and console. You are not buying the game. You are buying a save progression service for this game. You must already own this game. PS4 games and Saves can be transferred over to the PS5 so it doesn't matter if you have a PS4 or PS5 console.

You need all DLC's to use this Save

Lvl 35 - Legendary Save (Slot 1 Maya) & Profile

-- Backpack 27/27 + 8 --

__legendary (Orange)__

Infinity (Rapid Infinity)
Hellfire (Acuminous Hellfire)
Badaboom (Roket Pawket Badaboom)
Unkempt Harold (Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold)
Sledge's Shotgun
Pitchfork (Suppressive Pitchfork)
Veruc (Attack Veruc)
Baby Maker (Quality Baby Maker)
Lyudmila (Bolshy Lyudmila)
Shredifier (Swift Shredifier)
Volcano (Gentleman's Volcano)
Deliverance (Swiss Deliverance)
Flakker (Potent Flakker)
Conference Call (Social Conference Call)
Slagga (Murduring Slagga)
Gunerang (Peppy Gunerang)
Madhous! (Wyld Asss Madhous!)
Invader (Venture Invader)
Mongol (Paritisan Mongol)
Pyrophobia (Puissant Pyrophobia)
Skullmasher (Chikamin Skullmasher)
Logan's Gun (Maximized Logan's Gun)
Pandemic (Homing Pandemic)
Nasty Surprise (Explosive Nasty Surprise)
Quasar (Homing Quasar)
Rolling Thunder
Bigg Thumppr
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
The Bee
The Cradle
Bonus Package (Homing Bonus Package)
Legendary Siren Class Mod

__epic (Purple)__

Breakneck Banshee Class Mod

__rare (Blue)__

Stockpile Relic

-- Bank 16/16 --

__legendary (Orange)__

Bitch (Social Bitch)
Unkempt Harold (Stiff Unkempt Harold)
Maggie (Loaded Maggie)
Hornet (React Hornet)
Gub (Rapider Gub)
Rustler's Striker
Legendary Hunter Class Mod
Legendary Soldier Class Mod
Legendary Psycho Class Mod
Legendary Mechromancer Class Mod
Bonny (Lobbed Bouncing Bonny)
Leech (Sticky Homing Electric Leech)
Storm Front (Rubberized Storm Front)
Tortoise (Blast Proof Fabled Tortoise)

__e-tech (Magenta)__

Earnest Dart
Redundant Spiker

-- Locker 4/4 --

__legendary (Orange)__

Level 7 - Rapid Infinity
Level 22 - Rapid Infinity
Level 17 -intense Unkempt Harold
Level 17 - Bigg Thumppr

-- Other --

Eridium: 500
$: 1,000,000
Seraph Crystals: 903

Badass Rank: 8577

This is a save progression which will overwrite your own save progression of the game. Only buy this if you're willing to give up your own saves to have a superior save of the game.

- PS+ if this is for PS4/5
- You need to have a valid email so we can contact you after ordering
- We need to login to your account to inject data

The injection process is 100% safe however we can only recommend this for offline play. Some games after servicing can bring their progress online but we don't recommend it.

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