Season 25/26 Legit Primal Ancient Complete Inna Build Set – Seasonal & Non-Seasonal Diablo 3 Mods - Fast Delivery
The only thing of value here is the labor for prepping each delivery.
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Season 25/26 Legit Primal Ancient Complete Inna Build Set

Season 25/26 Legit Primal Ancient Complete Inna Build Set

Diablo 3 Mods & Modded Items for Xbox One, PS4 & PS5 (Playstation), N Switch with near instant delivery. Reaper of Souls Mods for all classes including Monk, Wizard, Necromancer, Barbarian, Crusader, Witch Doctor, Demon Hunter.

Diablo 3 Modded Items & Sets working with seasonal online play.

For Season 26, the Soul Shards in the weapon and helm will be replaced with flawless normal gems because you can not obtain Soul Shards in a legit way in season 26 and this is a set to look legit.

This is my personal primal ancient legit Innas monk set.
Comes with 2x Perfect Primal Ancient Soulshards and rank 150 gems.

This set is for seasonal only.

You need to cube RoR ring to get the 6th piece bonus.


Purchases required for seasonal item delivery:

  1. This item is for seasonal but if the injection service is not purchased with this item then the order would be cancelled.
  2. You need to purchase along with any seasonal items to inject this item to your seasonal character.

Account Requirements:

1. PS+ Subscription already active on your account or Nintendo Online Subscription.

2. A Seasonal Character

3. Good way to communicate during the process (sms, email, whatsapp, etc..)

We need to do an item injection in to your account so this means we would need to login to get the item to your character.

After ordering seasonal items, it is important to contact us or check your email to make sure you have done the pre-injection check list.

These items hold no monetary value; our service finds/locates the items you're looking for and we work with you on how you want to obtain them.

If you order and then vanish and become unresponsive to emails or text then we can not start the injection to your account.

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