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Seasonal Stat Mod Booster for your character

Seasonal Stat Mod Booster for your character

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Diablo 3 Modded Items & Sets working with seasonal online play.

Give a character stat modded boost.
Can inject boost to one chosen character.

Unlike the Extreme Modded profiles, this can be done to your current accounts character without having the need to get a new account.


Types of boosts

Maxed Stats Rounded To Create "...":
This is to make your character display "..." on their stats.
To create "..." we use very high specific numbers which needs to be lower than the maxed integer.

Extreme Maxed:
Will max out Majority of the stats however some stats will remain lower to avoid crashing the game or bugs.

Life Lock:
Only Defensive stats are modded
like All Resist, Life Regeneration, Vitality to prevent any deaths even from modded player killers even if you're naked. This is great for hardcore.

Small Boost:
This will boost your main stat and vit to a higher number so you can enjoy the extra damage and survival and while keeping the game challenging where you don't one shot mobs.

Fake legit:
Boosts the hidden stats where players can not see your character has advantages.  No cooldowns, Infinite resources, High Area damage, Main stat and vit slightly boosted. It's a good way to be accepted in to the legit community without them knowing you have advantages over them.



Purchases required for seasonal item delivery:

  1. This item is for seasonal but if the injection service is not purchased with this item then the order would be cancelled.
  2. You need to purchase along with any seasonal items to inject this item to your seasonal character.

Account Requirements:

1. PS+ Subscription already active on your account or Nintendo Online Subscription.

2. A Seasonal Character

3. Good way to communicate during the process (sms, email, whatsapp, etc..)

We need to do an item injection in to your account so this means we would need to login to get the item to your character.

After ordering seasonal items, it is important to contact us or check your email to make sure you have done the pre-injection check list.

If you order and then vanish and become unresponsive to emails or text then we can not start the injection to your account.

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent Service

I ordered Seasonal / Non Seasonal Account Enhancement, Seasonal Stat Mod Booster for your character Hidden Fake Legit (Boost CDR/RR/Area/Main Stat +6k/Vit +4k/Paragon 5.9k) and Seasonal Crafting Materials / Mats Regeants Bundle - Seasonal NS / Softcore / Full Bundle and I couldn't be happier :)

The service was excellent and dealt with straight away, I don't have to farm for materials again (easy primals) and the secret stat boost is amazing, also I now have a HUGE stash and all the wings/pets etc. I even made a mistake and it was sorted for me, thanks again!

I will be using this every season.